Marian Bruce

For 50 years I have worked in many varied capacities within the art world.

My life long obsession with making from readily available , free materials has its roots in post war Britain, a time of austerity and uncertainty. Very fortunately the essential qualities of,resourcefulness, independence, curiosity and imagination were nurtured and celebrated by my working class parents who were socially conscious.

For the past 30 years my preoccupation has been with the complexity of the human psyche, the emphasis placed on vulnerability and crisis using found debris and detritus to guide the working process.

The absence of conscious deliberation allows risk and uncertainty to play an essential role. Silently I assemble and manipulate materials until the piece emerges. There will always be an unanticipated display of social relevance with which the viewer can interact.

My career in contemporary dance design internationally for 25years has given me the freedom to explore projects in the visual arts without the inevitable compromises and constraints of the commercial art market.